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Latex Error Caption Outside Float

If stumped, try the general tricks. ! Missing $$ inserted TeX has found that it should no longer be in display math mode. Move everything out of the comment block. how is it bad layout to name a table which is not floating? Check This Out

The Framework of a Riddle Can't a user change his session information to impersonate others? LaTeX Error: Suggested extra height (...) dangerously large. ! Publishing a mathematical research article on research which is already done? Bad node name: `...'. !

Or in footnotes, or anything like that. LaTeX Error: Bad math environment delimiter. Like it says? not loadable: Metric (TFM) file or installed font not found.

If stumped, try the general tricks. ! If stumped, try the general tricks. ! Interruption If stumped, try the general tricks. ! LaTeX Error: No such counter !

Check its presence and spelling. Check that \end{document} is not hidden behind something like an \endinput line. Browse other questions tagged cross-referencing diagrams xy-pic or ask your own question. http://tex.stackexchange.com/questions/38553/why-do-i-get-the-error-caption-outside-float-with-the-algorithm-algorithmic share|improve this answer answered Oct 28 '11 at 10:48 N.N. 19.9k1597176 add a comment| up vote 16 down vote Check carefully your document when such errors pop out; before the editing

So, your example becomes: \documentclass[a4paper,12pt]{article} \usepackage{xypic} \usepackage{caption} \begin{document} \xymatrix{ A \ar[r] \ar[d]& B\ar[d] \\ C \ar[r]& D } \captionof{figure}{commutative diagram} \label{fig1} From \ref{fig1} we... \end{document} You can find some more details While defining columns, there is a p not followed by {width} argument. NB For subtables, there is a different \subtable command specifically for such types, but it works in much the same way. Check for typos in the command, both here and where it was supposedly defined.

TBA If stumped, try the general tricks. ! http://latex-community.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=45&t=20510 more hot questions question feed lang-tex about us tour help blog chat data legal privacy policy work here advertising info mobile contact us feedback Technology Life / Arts Culture / Recreation Double subscript If you think about it, {a_b}_c is not the same as a_{b_c}. An example: \begin{wrapfigure}{r}{40mm} \begin{center} \includegraphics{toucan.eps} \end{center} \caption{The Toucan} \end{wrapfigure} Note that the wrapfigure environment is in fact non-floating.

Not just a line break. his comment is here This can't happen ( If stumped, try the general tricks. ! Rerun install_l2h after that. On first use, be sure to read the first two entries of the contents below (excluding this preface).

Check the indicated problem area for { that may have forgotten }. Misplaced \omit ! Extra \right A \right, which must precede some bracket or a point, must match an earlier \left. this contact form This just tells you the pdf was not made.

plain - the normal style for LaTeX floats, i.e., nothing! Referee did not fully understand accepted paper Is Semantic Preservation Soundness or Correctness What examples are there of funny connected waypoint names or airways that tell a story? Incomplete \if...; all text was ignored after line nnn.

In the first case, it must be at least as big as b.

If stumped, try the general tricks. ! Does flooring the throttle while traveling at lower speeds increase fuel consumption? Not a letter ! What does a profile's Decay Rate actually do?

If you mistype \newcommand{\mycommand}[2]{...} as \newcommand{\mycommand}[1]{...}, references #2 to argument 2 will be invalid. I also read somewhere that I need to declare algorithm as a caption type like this: \DeclareCaptionType{algorithm} but when I do that I get this error: LaTeX Error: ./doc.tex:21 LaTeX Error: KOMA-Script schaue ich mir an. (30 Jul '13, 14:59) rde Bei den Beispielen von @Thorsten wird übrigens nicht verhindert, dass zwischen Tabellenüberschrift und Tabelle ein Seitenumbruch stattfinden kann. navigate here A missing \right after an array can cause this error.

I hope. These errors will then show up in its math images processing. Are you in a location where you have no privileges to write the file? Math formula deleted: Insufficient ...

If stumped, try the general tricks. ! If stumped, try the general tricks. ! LaTeX Error: Too many unprocessed floats LaTeX has been hoarding your figures and tables for a rainy day. Wie erzwinge ich geschickt die Ausgabe von Gleitumgebungen?

And so on until the problem area is so small that there is only one possible cause to the error left. It is patiently waiting for whatever other exciting stuff you have planned for it. Options to a package conflict with each other. Too big a number in \enlargethispage.

Permanenter link beantwortet 30 Jul '13, 14:46 Thorsten 1.5k●3●2●5 Danke für den Hinweis, dass bei Tabellen die Beschriftung eher drüber gehört, ich hatte sie bislang untendrunter. Too large a count in a \multicolumn? Check properly closing of math mode. A circular definition? (Something defined in terms of itself?) Apparently, using some commands inside a fragile command can cause this.

LaTeX Error: \caption outside float ! The location of the caption is traditionally underneath the float. Too many }'s ! LaTeX Error: \< in mid line !

Invalid code ( ! You need to do something like this: \begin{table} \begin{tabular}{|c|c|c|c|c|c|} Potentiometer & Resistance & \multicolumn{2}{c}{Calculated V\textsubscript{32}} & \multicolumn{2}{c|}{Measured V\textsubscript{32}}\\ \cline{3-6} Position & R\textsubscript{34} & Amplitude & Phase & Amplitude & Phase\\ \hline An example will best illustrate the usage of this package. \begin{figure}[htp] \begin{center} \subfigure[Original image]{\label{fig:edge-a}\includegraphics[scale=0.75]{toucan.eps}} \subfigure[After Laplace edge detection]{\label{fig:edge-b}\includegraphics[scale=0.75]{laplace_toucan.eps}} \\ \subfigure[After Sobel edge detection]{\label{fig:edge-c}\includegraphics[scale=0.75]{sobel_toucan.eps}} \end{center} \caption{Various edge detection algorithms} \label{fig:edge} \end{figure} You Don't ask how many.