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Hp Laserjet 5p User Manual


IEEE-1284 parallel cable and small (C-type) printer connector. (The cable will be stamped as IEEE-1284 compatible. 4. The DOS printer drivers include WordPerfect (versions 5.1, 5.1+, and 6.0) and Lotus 1-2-3 (versions 2.3, 2.4, 3.1 and 3.4). • The HP L aserJ et Printing System for (Microsoft Windows Make sure the printer is in Ready Mode (the Ready light is on). 2, Align your laptop computer (or other portable equipment) that is equipped with an IrDA-compliant IR port within Remove the top cover assembi i es. 2. have a peek here

a - 0-- (J □ □ 57 HP Laser] et5P Printer Service Supplement Troubleshooting Error 53-- Memory/SIMM Errors Error 53 is indicated by a combination of the Error LED and either The packets are checked for validity, and a response is sent by the secondary device indicating whether the packets were complete or in error. Remove power to the printer for 10 minutes. Never operate or service the printer with the protective cover removed from the Laser/Scanner Assembly. http://printcopy.info/?l=en&mod=erc&brand=HP&model=LaserJet%205P

Hp Laserjet 5p User Manual

It would be a bit difficult to see the fuser light up since there is no light in it. RemoveTray 1 by opening the tray at a 45°angleand pulling upon the tray (Figure 18). Once you have inserted the paper, you must press the GO button to feed the paper.

Replace paper control/sensor PCB. 4L Paper cassette is empty or missing Paper cassette not properly seated Paper out flag PS2 is broken or stuck Bad DC controller PCB 5P Tray 1 If problem persists, 1. The H P LaserJ et 5P printer has the complete secondary protocol, and any host trying to communicate via the infrared (IR) port must have the compi ete pri mary protocol Hp Laserjet 5p Driver Replace same 58 Service LJ4, 4+, 4L, 4P, 4V, 5P Reseat fan cable Replace fan 4V Replace DC controller PCB IIISi, 4Si 58.1 and 58.2 error Paper tray improperly seated. 59

Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License; additional terms may apply. Hp Laserjet 5mp Manual Low/unstable power (low line voltage, brownout condition). Data E rror Light Pattern Computer M essage Description Recommended Action 20MEM OVERFLOW Too much data, or data too complex. http://support.hp.com/us-en/document/bpl02702 Figure o irDA Port luuchiuh TheIR port is compatible with a widevariety of IrDA-compliant portable devices; however, the method for printing will vary dependi ng on the type of device and

a a The printer has received data. Hp Laserjet 6p Manual I pushed a little bit, but it went in and printed fine. Supports System 6.07 to 7.5. • The PostScript Printer Software for Windows 3.1 and 3.11 includes the PostScript drivers and the HP FontSmart utility for font management. HP LaserJet 5P/5MP - Printer Printing System For Windows PCL And PostScript (TM), v 5P/5MP 1.02, Upgrade Introduction Issues addressed in the HP LaserJet 5P/5MP Printer V 1.02 printing system roll

Hp Laserjet 5mp Manual

HP's Distribution center - printing system availability See your User's Manual or Printing System README file for information regarding how to obtain drivers in your region. The PCA is protected by a metal shield assembly, and is mounted toa plastic base. Hp Laserjet 5p User Manual Note also the location of the test print button hole (Callout 2) on the side of the formatter board cover. «* %. Hp Laserjet 5p User Guide Resource Saving can beset via software for one of three modes, AUTO (default), ON, and OFF.

Some of the test points referred to in this document require special safety equipment, tools or meters as well as familiarity and training on laser printers. http://cygnussoft.com/hp-laserjet/hp-laserjet-m2727nf-error-79.html Figure 13 I/O Cover Release Tabs 39 HP Laser] et5P Printer Service Supplement Removal and Replaceriitin Removing the Left Side Cover 1. Tray 1 Pickup Roller RG5-2205-000CN 100,000 Replace roller and separation pad together. 3_ Tray 2 Pickup Roller RB1-6332-000CN 100,000 Look forglazing and cracks. 4_ Separation Pad RF5-0343-000CN 100,000 Look forglazing and Please try the request again. Hp Laserjet 6p Service Manual

Unfortunately none of these support any form of USB. Power printer OFF!!) (On LJIID short C216 on DC controller PCB to bypass 20 minute delay. A TORX T-10 head screwdriver is needed to remove the formatter shield. 38 HP Laser] et5P Printer Service Supplement r^tlIluvdland Replacement Removing the Power Door The Power Door is located on http://cygnussoft.com/hp-laserjet/hp-laserjet-5l-driver.html Replace laser scanner assembly Replace DC controller PCB LJ4, 4+ Check and reseat laser/scanner cable connections Replace laser scanner connections 4L, 4P, 5P Reseat scanner assembly Replace laser/scanner assembly 53 Error

I assume that when it was running, it tried to unsuccessfully pickup a piece of paper. Paper Size (using fiat paper patli) 3x5 inch (76 X 127mm) ^SiiVliVI inciudes 1 iVIByte additionai memory. Check paper path especially operation of PS1 5P Temporary errors occur if 2 pieces of paper were picked.

WARNING Electrical Shock Hazard To avoid electrical shock, u se on I y su ppl i ed power cords and connect only to properly grounded (3-hole) wall outlets.

How does HP install software and gather data? PowerCable Door 5. Perform the Fuser Checks shown in Table C-6. 3. I wasn't sure if it served any purpose or how crucial it is to operating, but apparently it is neccesary.

If this warning is not followed, severe injury may result. Grasp the lower left front corner of the top cover, and lift it forward and up. 4. No toner cartridge installed External fuser access door not closed. this contact form Press the GO and RESET buttons to print a self-test page.

Thermistor wire open. Replace these components as needed, based on printer failures or wear, not strictly on usage. Service Error Codes Press GO and RESET buttons to display additional code.